About What Is Being Shared

My adventures as a picaresque scholar and educator have been many and varied. Now retired, I have been revisiting earlier research and writing, as well as letting this revisiting lead in new directions. I could go on forever, just sharing with friends and colleagues, because I am my own worst critic, never happy with what I should consider completed. But perfection cannot be achieved, and the time has come to share with whomever might take interest.

As this website evolves, I hope to share at least: 1) translations and studies of Ojibwe tales; 2) my massive picaresque non-fiction conglomerate of primary sources, The Copper Rock of Lake Superior; 3) my essays on the so-called “Legend of Sleeping Bear” and related subjects; 4) my c. 1996 essay on “Fakelore and the Ethics of Children’s Literature” and related subjects, including original sources for comparison, and thoughts about teaching children about other cultures; 5) “Crib sheets” and other materials for facilitating discussions about books with children, dating to the 1990s when I was actively involved in teacher education; 6) Storytelling and folk and fairytale collections as a resource, plus some of my own; 7) Michigan fiddling tradition.

Most of the materials aimed at teaching children have been consolidated onto the Literary Inquiry and Storytelling with Children web page, which is now long, but just keep scrolling down. There are also stories on the Fakelore page that can be used directly with children, in addition to the essays intended for adults to help them understand the issues.

The Ojibwe tale translations and studies are divided into several web pages: Ojibwe Tales, for miscellaneous tales, Nenabozho’s Childhood Adventures, Nenabozho Walks About, and sometime in the future his winter adventures and the flood.

Most of these writings are best shared as downloadable PDF files. Some shorter pieces, as well as introductory remarks, are readable without downloading.

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